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Thank you!

The PorchFest Quincy Committee would like to thank the performers who volunteered their time and talents, the gracious hosts who volunteered their porches, the volunteers who worked a long day to make the event come together, and DiscoverQuincy.com for their support and partnership!

If you took photos or videos from the event, please share them online #PORCHFESTQUINCY !

Save the date!  Saturday, June 24th, 2017  - PorchFest Quincy 2017!  

Walter Hubley & Ian Cain

PorchFest Quincy Co-Chairs

Want to help out?

Although we are a 100% volunteer led and run, we need support for marketing efforts so we can make next year's event even better!  You can donate using the link below,    To donate by mail, make checks payable to "WHNA" and send it to:

WHNA C/O: Walter Hubley, 44 Marion St, Quincy, MA 02170

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See a sample of who is performing at PorchFest Quincy

What is PorchFest Quincy? 


PorchFests are FREE annual music events held across the United States and in Canada on front porches. Started in Ithaca, New York in 2007, PorchFest events bring local musicians and neighborhoods together to celebrate and create a sense of community.

PorchFest music festivals began as a means for neighbors and local community members to highlight their music on front porches.  Bands, singers, and instrumentalists participate in the festival for no other reason than to showcase their talents and engage the community. Music is diverse and can range from country to pop, classical, reggae, blues, rock, jazz, Latino, R&B, and many others. Musicians voluntarily take to the "stage" on porches at their designated times and perform for the public.

A porch makes a great stage, but a front yard or driveway will work just fine.  We will make it work if you want to be a part of the fun!

Walter Hubley and Ian Cain are Co-Chairs of PorchFest Quincy.

Where is PorchFest Quincy?

We are starting PorchFest Quincy in Wollaston and other areas where there is enough interest.   It very important to us that bands have a good audience, so we are looking to find groups of porches together.  This way, the bands have a good audience and porches are within an easy walking distance from each other.

Put simply, if there are enough volunteer porches in a neighborhood, and we have enough performers to put on them, we are happy to include the neighborhood in our festival.

When is PorchFest Quincy?

Saturday, June 18th 1Pm - 5PM.  Some neighborhoods will include encore performances that extend beyond 5 PM.  Please check back at this website as the event date nears or sign up below to be updated by email.

Sounds great!  Do I need to buy a ticket to PorchFest Quincy?

No, PorchFest is free.  Simply arrive at Safford Park starting at 1pm, or throughout the event duration.  We encourage you to walk and use public transportation as parking may be limited.

What is this PorchFest event like?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and this video is 30 frames per second, then thats - well, a lot.  Check out this video from a PorchFest in Binghamton NY from 2015.


Please keep me updated about PorchFest Quincy!

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How do I get involved?

You want to perform?  You want to host a band?  You want to help out?  You have come to the right place.  

Sign-up below!

Or email info@porchfestquincy.org for more information.





Eating and drinking?

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages. Just remember that each venue is someone's home, so please be sure to clean up after yourself.

Beer and Wine?  

Porchfest does not have an officially contained festival area. The entire event takes place in individually owned yards and the public streets in between.  When in public, you are subject to the usual laws regarding alcohol consumption.

Are dogs allowed?

Different homeowners will likely have different preferences when it comes to dogs on their priority. So please be aware of and sensitive to that.  On the streets, the rules are the same as they'd be any other time.

Is there a hashtag?  Social Media?

#porchfestquincy    Please post your photos and videos!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PorchFestQuincy

Twitter:  @PorchFestQuincy  

Will there be bathrooms?

We are arranging for a few Porta-Pottys.  PorchFest locations are neighbors homes, and they will not provide any facilities.

Is there a rain date?

No rain date.  Too many people to coordinate with, but we will consider the option..

Are you closing the streets during this festival?

No.  If you must drive near the PorchFest performance locations, please use caution and drive slowly.