Four Point Restraints

"Four Point Restraints sounds like the type of band one Quentin Tarantino would know about. Actually, scratch that: Four Point Restraints sounds like a Tarantino movie, mixing tongue-in-cheek theatrics with guitars building on that Link Wray, 1950′s vibe. Sound confusing? It’s not. It’s good." - Sean McCabe, The Dig

"They're stylistically nearly as all over the map as Tom Waits...every sound they toy with stinks of whiskey and gunsmoke and general fuck-it-all hard living."—Nick Cox, Allston Pudding

"The music of Four Point Restraints blends the raw power of rock with the nuances of a Celtic or folk band. They give an impassioned, intense performance that doesn’t demand attention: they come right up and take it."   ~ Max Bowen, The Noise