Ali McGuirk

"Ali brings to the stage a refreshing comfort and grace uncommon in Boston. It’s as though she and the stage are old friends who share intimate jokes." - K. Winslow Smith, Grouptones

"A soul singer who evokes comparisons to Amy Winehouse but rocks even harder." - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

"The Boston soul singer/songwriter also has some Motown and island rhythms to her sound. But her stuff digs down under Top 40 to find ragged rock grooves and jazz dub beats." - Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

A Boston-based songstress, Ali has performed over 4 continents, everywhere from street corners on Greek islands to sky lounges and stadiums in Hong Kong. Whether a solo artist or a front woman, she captivates each audience with her unique blend of R&B, jazz, soul and classic rock.