The All Out

Mike Palaza, Matt Walsh, Glen Doyle and Gary Smyth met well over a decade ago while serving the citizens of Quincy as members of the Quincy Fire Department. Mike was a natural-born showman, Matt could play a few chords, Glen was a hell of a guitarist and Gary had been playing the skins in bands since the '80s. Somehow, despite their hectic schedules and the demanding nature of the job, the stars aligned and they were finally able to get together one cold January night a couple of years ago in a cellar on Silver Street and The All Out was born. 

Blending elements of the hard guitar crunch of '70s arena rock and the instant hooks of the '80s, all under the watchful eye of three-chord punk, The All Out are a genre-busting, organic, constantly evolving foursome that is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe it was ten years too late, but nothing happens until it's supposed to happen. The All Out are the band the world didn't know it needed.