The Doug MacDonald Band

Doug Macdonald started playing acoustic guitar,writing songs and playing clubs in Boston 2005. 

He was looking for a drummer and Patty Short was between bands. She went to see Doug play and they hit it off, this was 2008. They practiced and started playing clubs around the city for a few years and got a great response. 
Their sound is Indie Rock with 60s overtones.  Late 2011 they started recording "Give Me My Guitar" CD.  It was released in the spring of 2012. “Give Me My Guitar” was played on 39 college radio stations across the east coast. 
The Doug MacDonald Band started to get recognition from Boston music magazines and their fan base started growing. Late 2012 they started on their new CD  "Mr Bones" and it released May 2013. “Mr. Bones” shows how Doug and Patty have matured musically as a duo. “Mr. Bones” was reviewed in the Boston Noise magazine and was awarded CD of the summer 2013 The band plays in clubs in New York City and Massachusetts. There latest Album "Duel Speaker" came out in September 2014 has gotten amazing reviews and air time on College radio.
Doug MacDonald Band CDs are available on iTunes and CD Baby and everywhere you can download