The Dingo Babies'

The Dingo Babies’ sound is focused on tight harmonies and lyrics akin to late night stargazing conversations to create catchy sideways power-pop tunes about inner and outer space. Their style rides the waves of Weezer, Crash Kings, and The Avett Brothers.

They began performing in small local venues and homeless shelters/food kitchens through Berklee's student run service program The Movement. They have continued to stay active in service, raising over $1,000 with their music to benefit the human rights organization Calling All Crows, strongly believing in music as a vehicle for happiness and positive social change.

They have opened for acts such as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Chadwick Stokes (Dispatch, State Radio) at international Boston venues like The Sinclair, Great Scott, Middle East and Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton.

The Dingos are releasing a kickin self-titled EP this May during their east coast summer tour.

In the meantime, their debut album Breakfast (“The raw emotion of it is obvious… eclectic, interesting, and accessable,”-WMFO) can be heard at

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