The All Out

Mike Palaza, Matt Walsh, Glen Doyle and Gary Smyth met well over a decade ago while serving the citizens of Quincy as members of the Quincy Fire Department. Mike was a natural-born showman, Matt could play a few chords, Glen was a hell of a guitarist and Gary had been playing the skins in bands since the '80s. Somehow, despite their hectic schedules and the demanding nature of the job, the stars aligned and they were finally able to get together one cold January night a couple of years ago in a cellar on Silver Street and The All Out was born. 

Blending elements of the hard guitar crunch of '70s arena rock and the instant hooks of the '80s, all under the watchful eye of three-chord punk, The All Out are a genre-busting, organic, constantly evolving foursome that is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe it was ten years too late, but nothing happens until it's supposed to happen. The All Out are the band the world didn't know it needed.  

Sweet Wednesday

Sweet Wednesday’s songs tell wonderful stories, with beauty, humor, and passion. Rock, folk, and americana lovers instantly fall in love with the tunes of these nationally touring troubadours.  Their engaging personalities on stage make each listener feel part of a community.

Originally from Boston, Dave Falk and Lisa Housman have toured the country for the past ten years, both as an acoustic duo and with their band. Awards and honors include First Place in the Great American Song Contest, First Place in the Dallas Songwriting Competition, Runner Up in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and many more.

Lisa Housman sings and plays guitar, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Falk sings and lends his own unique and dazzling style to the guitar, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, and violin.

“Think about the last time you received an unexpected and totally delightful gift. That’s just how I felt when I heard the music of Sweet Wednesday. You’ll forgive the gushing when you hear the alt-country, folk, roots sound of the Boston-based duo known individually as Dave Falk and Lisa Housman. I didn’t think musicians made music this addictive anymore.”

Four Point Restraints

"Four Point Restraints sounds like the type of band one Quentin Tarantino would know about. Actually, scratch that: Four Point Restraints sounds like a Tarantino movie, mixing tongue-in-cheek theatrics with guitars building on that Link Wray, 1950′s vibe. Sound confusing? It’s not. It’s good." - Sean McCabe, The Dig

"They're stylistically nearly as all over the map as Tom Waits...every sound they toy with stinks of whiskey and gunsmoke and general fuck-it-all hard living."—Nick Cox, Allston Pudding

"The music of Four Point Restraints blends the raw power of rock with the nuances of a Celtic or folk band. They give an impassioned, intense performance that doesn’t demand attention: they come right up and take it."   ~ Max Bowen, The Noise

The Peasants

The Peasants started in 1987 when Pete Cassani moved to Boston from Long Island, NY and started playing at the Gov't Center T Station. 

Pete went to open mikes around Allston with songs he wrote. Met Bob Starker at Harpers Ferry one night at a blues jam. After they were kicked off the stage for no good reason they decided to form a band. That's the short version. Hope you liked it. Thanks!!

Chris Pahud

“Chris Pahud sings with all his heart, and his heart is huge. His voice and songs come from such a beautiful place, I smile every time I hear him sing... and witness him doing what comes so natural to him... his gifts make this world a better place.”

Mary Gauthier - In the Black recording artist

“With a rich bass/baritone voice, it was lucky for us that Chris fell in love early on with the songs of one of the singers his voice most resembles: Stan Rogers. He also turns his powerful voice to traditional sea chanteys on one end of the scale and contemporary western songs on the other.”

Dave Palmater - Folktracks and WUMB 91.9 FM, Boston MA

Ali McGuirk

"Ali brings to the stage a refreshing comfort and grace uncommon in Boston. It’s as though she and the stage are old friends who share intimate jokes." - K. Winslow Smith, Grouptones

"A soul singer who evokes comparisons to Amy Winehouse but rocks even harder." - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

"The Boston soul singer/songwriter also has some Motown and island rhythms to her sound. But her stuff digs down under Top 40 to find ragged rock grooves and jazz dub beats." - Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

A Boston-based songstress, Ali has performed over 4 continents, everywhere from street corners on Greek islands to sky lounges and stadiums in Hong Kong. Whether a solo artist or a front woman, she captivates each audience with her unique blend of R&B, jazz, soul and classic rock.

Grace O'Shea

Grace O'Shea is a singer songwriter from Milton, MA who plays guitar and sings mainly country and contemporary music. 

She started playing music publicly at local open mics in 2013, and then started playing professional gigs about a year later. She has played at the Bread Lab in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and the Irish Cultural Center in Canton MA, among performances at school and talent shows. She held a weekly gig at the Green Dragon Tavern in Faneuil Hall and has provided music for wedding cocktail hours.